How to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius degree

Temperature readings are available in the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale (ºF/ºC); located in the upper right corner of LCD).


With the unit off, press and hold the On/Off Button for approximately 4 seconds to change the current setting.

In order to have the most accurate measurements, please follow the instructions that came with your unit.



How to clean and disinfect the unit

Wipe the thermometer with a soft clean cloth.
For stubborn stains, wipe the thermometer with a cloth that has been dampened with water or a neutral detergent solution and then wring thoroughly. Finish by wiping with a soft dry cloth.
For disinfection, 70% Ethanol or Isopropyl alcohol can be used.

Observe the following to prevent damage to the thermometer.

  • Do not use benzene, thinner, gasoline or other strong solvents to clean the thermometer.

  • Do not attempt to disinfect the sensing section (tip) of the thermometer by immersing in alcohol or in hot water over 122 ºF  (50 ºC).

  • Do not use ultrasonic washing to clean the thermometer.

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